Tournament Results Dec. 30/19

Date: December 30. 2019
Time: Once events are finalized start times will be posted
Event: Random partner co-ed
Events: 2.75, 3.0, 3.25, 3.5, 3.75. 4.0
Director: Gerry Rostek   [email protected]

Random partner- round robin is played where you change partners every game. The best number of players in a pool is 8. You play a total of 7 games, with each player once and against each player twice. Individual scores are kept and highest scores are the winners. If there is more than one pool in a skill level then there may be a playoff.

Director comments: Random partner events make for friendly and competitive games. And you don't need to find a partner. All the players in a pool are required to make the round-robin work. If a player is missing from the pool we need to fill that spot. Sometimes the fill player may be of higher skill level and if they were to win we just leave them out of the scoring and take the next winner in line. Because everyone plays with and against every other player this is still a reasonably fair way to do it.... The director and his committee have full autonomy to move players to more appropriate skill levels or to even-out the pools. 

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