Purchase Play Credits

You have to be a Club member to purchase Play Credits for the Sports Landing. There are several rates to choose from.

4.00 - 1 play - cash member exact change required
30.00 - 10 Play Credits
42.00 - 14 Play Credits one free - total 15 credits
69.00 - 23 Play Credits two free - total 25 credits

Members can etransfer an amount to [email protected]
Play Credits will be credited to your account.

We are making an effort to reduce the amount of cash that the Club has to deal with. However, you can still bring cash or cheques to the check-in table.  We realize that for some people etransfer is not an option.

If you are paying for another person please make sure we know who that is.
Our new "Fob" sign-in system is the way that the Club keeps track of our players. This is particularly important with Covid-19 tracking. Every player must use their own Fob. Any questions please talk to Gerry, Sue or the check-in table.