New Membership Form

New Members

The board has decided that during these unprecedented times and the Provincial Health Officers Orders to freeze our intake of new members for the time being. We will continue to re visit our membership intake on a daily bases as we navigate through these difficult times.
We would like to invite you to still register with the CPC and open an account so we can continue to send you relevant information and newsletters etc. Your name will be placed on a waiting list and you will be notified immediately when your membership can be accepted. Thankyou for your patience and understanding in this matter.
  • First thing to do is activate your account on the club webpage
  • Go to the home page and on the top right hand corner you can register and set up a profile.
  • Pay your membership by e-transfer, credit card, cheque or cash. Membership is $35.00 and payable in September each year.  
  • We are trying hard to reduce cash transactions.  If you cannot e-transfer or credit card you can still pay by cheque or cash at the check-in table at the Landing.
  • Send e-transfer payments to [email protected]
  • If someone is sending the e-transfer on your behalf please indicate in the comment box who you are paying for.
  • Unfortunately the website will not allow you to pay by credit card until your account has been approved. Once your account has been approved you will see a little red dot by your name on the top right hand side. Click and follow instructions. Important - Make sure you are logged on.
  • Once your payment has been received and processed you will be permitted access to the membership privileges eg. Sign-up Calendar, Purchasing playing credits & Directory of Club Members etc. NB: This make take a couple of days.
  • Please download and fill out the membership form attached below and hand into the check-in table at your earliest convenience. You may also print, scan and send to [email protected]OnuwLD6qNoEBc5KM.png
    Club Membership Application Form

Name__________________________________________________(please print all information clearly)




Emergency Contact Name and Phone #________________________________________________

Membership will be renewed yearly

As part of club membership you agree to be a member of Pickleball Canada and Pickleball
BC, both of which provide information and services promoting the growth of Pickleball locally
and nationally. You also agree to receive an email from Chilliwack Pickleball with current local

I further agree to play under the guidelines and rules of the International Federation of
Pickleball and The Chilliwack Safety and Play Etiquette guideline sheet provided, for the
overall enjoyment, safety and sportsman like conduct on the courts. Any serious issue arising
should first be presented to the elected board in writing for resolution.

By signing the membership form I acknowledge that Chilliwack Pickleball Club may take
pictures at functions and events and I approve of my picture to be posted on their website
and/or Facebook page.

I recognize and understand that there are certain inherent risks to which I will be exposed
because of the nature and level of the sports activity in which I have agreed to participate. In
consideration of being allowed to participate in Chilliwack Pickleball Club related events and
activities, I the undersigned give permission for Chilliwack Pickleball Club to use or distribute,
without limitation or obligation, any record of the events which may include my voice or image
and authorization to contact me via email to keep in touch with Pickleball information, news,
tournaments, sales and so forth. As evidenced by my signature, I hereby, for my heirs,
administrators and assigns, release, waive and hold harmless Chilliwack Pickleball Club, their
directors, agents, coaches, instructors and other members of the association, sponsoring
agencies, sponsors, advertisers and if applicable, owners and lessors of premises used to
conduct the event, from any manner of claims or lawsuits that my result from my participation
in this sport.

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