Calendar "Club Drop-in & Lessons"

The Sports Landing - 45530 Spadina Ave, Chilliwack BC  - click on each calendar day for more details -
Visitors & Non Mbrs are welcome but read the Page - Membership Info.  Our 14 courts are divided based on skill level
3.5 + skill level          4-5 courts  
3.0 skill level             4-5 courts for Intermediate level  
2.0 & 2.5 skill level   - approx 5 courts  
Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the busiest days with all 14 courts being used.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are primarily for Lessons and Skills & Drills practice for Club Members only.  Click on  Lessons/Skill/Drills on the Calendar to get more details, but only members with access to RSVP sign up.  
Contact Lyle on the Contact the Club page for more details or 1st time visitors can signup under "New to Pb" page.