Update  - July 9, 2020          Play at the Landing Resumes

We are pleased to announce the Chilliwack Pickleball Club will resume play at The Sports Landing starting Monday, July 13, 2020 with some restrictions in place due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

The first week of play, from Monday July 13 through Sunday July 19, will be free to all club members. Play will be from 9 am to 11 am daily, except Sunday, when play will be from 3 till 5 pm. Only club members will be admitted for play.

We are restricted as to the number of players permitted in the building at any one time, and play will be on alternating courts to allow for social distancing. No “drop in” players will be permitted at the facility. All players must register on the Chillpb.com website (Club Signup to Play) in the appropriate skill level prior to play. This will be on a first come, first served basis. 10 Players will be permitted in each skill level. Players will not be permitted to mix with other skill levels during play. The current skill level/court assignments will be:

2 courts – recreational players

2 courts – 3.0

2 courts – 3.5

2 courts – 3.75

These court assignments may be altered depending on usage.

In order to ensure all members get an opportunity to play, all players will only be permitted to register to play every second day. Players can sign up for one week at a time. These restrictions may be altered depending on the number of players opting to play indoors.

Prior to playing at The Landing all players will be required to complete a “Participant Agreement” form and submit it upon arriving for the first time. Members should print a copy of this form from the Chillpb.com website and complete before arriving for play. (Extra forms will be available at the door.) Any player refusing to follow the guidelines will be asked to leave the facility.

Players are reminded to bring their own water and hand sanitizer. Clean balls will be provided by the club. The equipment will be set up and taken down only by volunteer staff.

Upon arrival players will be directed to their assigned courts. Socializing before and after play should be kept to a minimum and social distancing should be observed.

In order to play please follow these steps:

1. Register to play in your appropriate skill level by going to Chillpb.com (See "Club Signup to Play")

2. Print and sign the Participant Agreement. (See Participant Agreement on the Home page)

3. Arrive on time with your agreement in hand.

4. Observe social distancing at all times while at the Landing.

See you on the courts!

 Remember: Outdoor Courts are still open - Portage Park (3 crts) and GW Graham (7 courts) are open.  If using these courts please use the same common sense rules that we have all followed over the past two months for your own safety and that of other players.  If coming to Graham courts on Thomas Rd please bring a net if you have one.  Click on Calendars for times (Graham 9am each day)

6/4/20 - We are blowing/cleaning the outdoor courts to make sure they are as clean as possible.  See the Calendar for times to play....

Jan 1, 2020
The Mission of Chilliwack Pickleball Club (CPC) and this web site is to communicate and promote Pickleball to existing members and to grow this amazing sport in the Chilliwack area.  Our club was established in April 2017 and presently has over 260 members with scheduled play 6 days a week on 14 indoor courts.  Always check Calendar "Club Drop-in Play" for play times on this website for The Sports Landing at 45530 Spadina Ave Chilliwack BC.
   We are delighted to have the largest indoor Pickleball facility in the Fraser Valley of BC.  We work closely with the City of Chilliwack to foster a wonderful form of exercise for adults and all players above age 12.
For other places to play in the Chilliwack and surrounding area check Calendar "Other Chilliwack Play Options".
    Live, love, play Pickleball - see you at the Landing.