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"The vision of the Chilliwack Pickleball Club is to provide a safe and inclusive environment where members can particpate in the sport of pickleball".

Aug 31st, 2021

  • It is time to start thinking about renewing our membership fees for the 2021-22 year. We are moving over to the new Pickleball Canada National System, so procedure will look a little different this time around. To start you will pay your club membership fee, your Pickleball BC and Canada membership fee directly thru the new PCNS website. The good news is that once you pay, your membership will be extended all the way to the end of December 2022, giving you a 15 month membership. You will not be able to pay the club directly or pay thru the chillpb.com website this year. Please follow the directions listed on the "Membership Renewal" page to set up your account on the PCNS website and to pay your dues.

    The Chilliwack Pickleball Club (CPC) was established in April 2017 and presently has over 400 members with scheduled play 7 days a week on 14 indoor courts.    

    We are delighted to have the largest indoor Pickleball facility in the Fraser Valley of BC.  We foster a wonderful form of exercise for adults and all players above age 12.

    Indoor Play: The Landing, 45530 Spadina Ave, Chilliwack 

    Players must signup on Pickleball Bracket to play.       

Mon, Wed & Sat, 10.15am - 12.15 am
Tues,Thurs & Fri - 1.00pm-3.00pm
Sun - 8.00am- 10.00am

 Outdoor play: Portage Park (3 crts) and GW Graham School (11 courts) are open. 

                                  NB: Click on sponsors business card to visit their website. 

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